Realized in Martinique, « Flamboyante » express strength, beauty , and pride of a culture.
Represented throughout the serie , the flowers , which is an integral part of the island’s identity , has the role here, of it’s culture and history.
Made up of a large diversity due first to it’s location and to it’s ethnic mix due to the colonization, Martinique, the « overseas city »  as they call her is still at this day in a hard economic and social tension.
Owned by France since 1635, Westindians has that dual Caribbean and European culture.
We are French , Yet, we live thousands miles away of this France and we grow up mostly through a history we don’t belong to. We build our own reality around this French fantasy that represents success, and we  maintain a superficial relationship with our own culture. 

I am Martinican, and i’ve never learned my history at school.
I’m totally aware of her wealth and today I want to embrace and raise it.

In this serie, the red fabric represents fear. Fear of being ourselves in its own right without waiting any opinions or validations from anyone; Fear to embrace our history; Fear of this too « local » authenticity that embarrass; That omni present fear that we deny.​​​​​​​
The fabric moves, flies , takes place in the space, cause as we go, we finally see through it ,and finally see what we didn’t want to see.
Photographie : Aurélie Chantelly   .   Jewels Hand Made : Emmanuelle Jean Louis   .   Make up Artist : Armelle Adèle

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